Legacy Code Migration

The legacy software is still hitting the wall in terms of agility, silo breakup, continuous integration, and test automation practices. Our team of experienced software developer will migrate your software following perfect procedures.

  • Research on Existing Status of the Software
  • Source Control
  • Synchronization of Two Software Systems (old and new)
  • Assess the code for best practices in architecture, design, and object-oriented patterns.
  • Elimination of Possible Risks Factors
  • Addition of New Features
  • Continuous Integration
  • Deployment of Software and Testing step by step
  • Monitoring Team for Maintaining Legacy of the Software
  • Delivery not beyond Deadline
  • Cost-Effective Migration

Our Approach

Legacy code migrations needs organizations to build a system that remains flexible to adapt to changes. A new system is the legacy of old technology, which no company wants to loose. Low-code platforms enable your organization to employ a modern architecture that promotes agility by leveraging microservices. Gerdia approaches projects as innovation at every step. We have taken few projects which were difficult to finish by any Development team. We have completed our projects within deadline because we take those projects as challenges to us. The business transformation process through Legacy code migration is an interesting and challenging task for Gerdia.