We follow a clearly defined development process for developing mobile applications. That gives transparency about the whereabouts to you. The first step of the process is to understand your needs; the business topic you like to address, the target user group, the regional target, the functions you envision for your App, the requirement for offline operation, which platforms you want to address, and if you have a set design language. The first process step will provide as output a precise development requirement document.
Do you already have a precise development requirement document? Then the first process step is skipped.

The precise development requirement document will be the basis of the development.
After you ordered the creation of your App, the development starts. We will inform you in defined intervals on the progress and ask you questions regarding the interpretation of the requirement. We do native app development on Android and IOS. If you require human interface design and layout, we are happy to provide this service as well to ensure the best possible impact when your App hits the market.

The next step is Testing with the “ready for testing” version. Which we will test intensively against the defined requirement. The testing may include specific usability testing for the targeted group as well. Following the implementation of the findings of the tests, the App is ready for release. We offer continuous maintenance for your App as a service in various maintenance levels. These may include updating the App to the next operating system releases, implementing bug fixes, continuous operations monitoring, and more.



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Native App Development

Developing apps natively directly for the target platform result in a more homogenous app and a better user experience.


Native Apps may utilize all the power of the targeted OS.
They provide a smoother user experience, which should lead to better adaptation rates and a faster and easier learning curve when starting to use the App. Additionally, they allow using all of the functions, and all of the design patterns of the target OS.

Full Use of the OS Design Capabilities

The native App Development approach allows developing beautiful Designs and usability fitting to the usability model the consumer is acquainted with by the OS


Each OS has a distinct design schema and usability model that the consumer learns with using the operating system.
The native app development approach allows using these schemas entirely, thereby allowing for joyful use of the App and excellent user experience.

Development Requirements definition

If you do not have the detailed requirements for your App ready, we offer to help you to get them done professionally


If you do not have exact requirements but have a clear idea about the business Process, target group, and what you want to achieve, we are there to guide you to complete the Development Requirements as a service offering.

Development Process

We follow a defined agile development process between Kanban and Scrum to have measurable output in every sprint.


During the development Process, we keep you in the loop. During the complete development process, you have visibility of what is going on and what is completed. We offer recurring update meetings, progress, and deviation reports. We want you to informed at any time.


Pre-release testing is vital for the fluent and successful launch of an App. If a user has a bad experience with an app at the beginning, the user will leave, and it is ten times harder to get the user back later. We do the testing before we hand the App over to the deployment.


Testing on the consumer is not an approach which leads to success in today’s world. We test each development against the development specification to ensure fluent and correct function to specification. Also, we recommend contracting conducting usability tests with user groups form the targeted user group. We offer to do load testing for the system as a whole with automated procedures.

Continuous Maintenance

Maintaining an App is as crucial as building one. The operating systems and devices the users use are continually changing at a fast pace. That requires maintaining, updating the App continuously to keep your users.


The maintenance process is very often not adequately addressed. With us, you have the options from essential maintenance to full service in different packages.
The maintenance could go as far as including new OS adaptation services. If your targeted OS brings a significant update and new phones will work differently, your valuable users will have the option to use the full set of possibilities not only on the OS but in your App as well.
You decide how valuable it is for your organization to keep your users happy over time.